SADO 3 is specifically public art, issued by the artist Dorota Sadovská as her personal project. The publication has the form of a woman‘s lifestyle magazine and presents an attractive overview of the the last five years of the artist’s professional life, thematically bound to the human body, the fashion industry and the overlap of photography into three-dimensional space. The magazine features texts and interviews with prominent domestic and international art theoreticians, reflecting on the artist’s creations, plus work by poets and photographers: Katarína Bajcurová, Viktor Čech, Rudo Fila, Mila Haugová, Manfred Chobot, Šymon Kliman (cover photo), Diana Majdáková, Lucia Miklošková, Anne Ring Petersen, Tono Stano, Ivan Štrpka (including cover text) and many others. - distribution of the magazine’s Slovak and English versions