skin seeks cream
Daniel Grú

I am skin, beings meet through me
for this moment I guard
your continuance, with the rolls of folds
I make language

all outside me, all beyond the body, in the world
and all the entrails I enclose, are hazy mazes
I am your substance, your look
I am your Ego turned inside-out

I am your true image I pucker and I stretch
and you fall straight onto my surface, you just operate
my possibilities, but only I seduce
the mirror to defeat

in shallowness is depth, in the depth of shallowness
I reach out for a touch, I hunt for glances
only cream preserves me in continual hunger
o cream, light of the world, cream

in the sink a soapy clot of body surface
a parasite removed, horror deformis
circles under the eyelids flush them down the sink!
spots, bruises, dandruff flush them down the sink!

let your naturalness ring out!

I, cream, Im rubbing my plasmatic images
onto taut canvasses: activate the microcirculation, revitalise
and freshen: regeneration, detoxification, proper functioning

the serum of life fills up the fluid of cells, the traps of truth and illusion
you yourself master, you yourself are mastered by them

I sweep away pain; pleasure and joy
I dissolve in pigments of my syllables,
I leave words curved from my bends

youll be fully diffused in me

I am exceptionally sensitive, I long to be stroked, apply!
relax the microtension of the skin, let the enzymes decompose their fats, apply!
let the steam soften and smooth the surface
apply! hydrate the dry parts, apply!

with your fingers tense the skin and pull out bits of fluff
acquire a mild but sensuous fragrance, the depilated glow
the smoothness on which tears of emotion slide

have yourself embraced, have those wrinkles smoothed out,
even the deep ones (clinically tested, measured efficiency),
have the 11 deceptive pains removed, have yourself harmonized

I am your borderland, the soft edge of your being
through me youll conquer your disquiet, the higher
the quality of paint you choose, the more
intensive the release

o, cream, tense me, stroke me, stir me, hold me,
resurrect me!